No Debt, High Growth, Low Tax: Hong Kong’s Economic Miracle Explained

By Andrew Purves

Governments around the world are wrestling with the problems of enormous debts, low growth, high unemployment and a gap between the demands of public expenditure and what can be raised through taxation.

Only a few countries have been able to avoid this pattern, mostly those blessed with vast natural resources such as oil. However, there are two small islands with no natural resources which have also enjoyed high growth combined with low taxation: Hong Kong and Singapore. Nor do they have any public debts, on the contrary, they generally run a budget surplus, and investment income is a feature of their government revenue.

The author has gone beyond the conventional analysis of taxation, and asked what each jurisdiction has in common, to bring about this happy state of affairs.


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The Secret Life of Real Estate (hardback)

by Phil Anderson

This timely book provides a detailed insight on how the addiction to land speculation became the foundation of the United States of America, as we know it today, the only country in the world where land title is not exclusively ‘owned’ by the government or crown – except in Australia, where Aboriginal people can have “native” title to their traditional lands.

If you always thought something was missing from economic prescriptions, this is a must read. Read the review here.

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Boom Bust (softcover)

by Fred Harrison

House Prices, Banking & the Depression of 2010

A core function of government is to ensure economic stability so that captain’s of industry and homeowners can save and invest with confidence. The author argues that at the core of present day capitalism is a destabilising mechanism economists prefer to ignore.

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Wheels of Fortune

by Fred Harrison

Self Funding Infrastructure

Heavy on practical examples, once reading this you will armed with the evidence to refute anyone who ever says ‘there’s no such thing as a profit making public transport system’.

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The Silver Bullet

by Fred Harrison

There’s only one way to kill poverty

Ever thought why poverty inquiries fail to make a difference? Essential reading if we are ever to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. $20 is all you need. Read the review here

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Progress & Poverty (abridged)

Edited and abridged for modern readers by Bob Drake

Many economists and politicians foster the illusion that great fortunes and poverty stem from the presence or absence of individual skill and risk-taking. Henry George, by contrast, showed that the wealth gap occurs because a few people are allowed to monopolize natural opportunities and deny them to others. George did not advocate equality of income, the forcible redistribution of wealth, or government management of the economy.

He simply believed that in a society not burdened by the demands of a privileged elite, a full and satisfying life would be attainable by everyone.

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The Prosperity Paradox

Forward and compliled by Mark Hassed

The economic wisdom of Henry George – Rediscovered. Highlighting his most arresting speeches.

Our current economic paradigm – the “free market” system – delivers some dismal outcomes including chronic unemployment, poverty, welfare.

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The Corruption of Economics

by Fred Harrison and Mason Gaffney

This, our best-selling title by current authors, is a brilliant and exciting expose of the connections between economics as a theoretical science and the funding of higher education as a political strategy.

Was neoclassical economics designed to obscure the importance of land in the face of the criticisms of monopoly by Henry George and others? Read the introductory chapter to the book all students of economics should study.

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Unlocking the Riches of Oz

by Bryan Kavanagh

A case study of the social and economic costs of real estate bubbles (1972 – 2006)

A study of the Australian real estate market, acting as a proxy for all world economies. See how tax systems have:

  • created a property bubble poised to burst
  • led to unaffordable housing
  • given all the wrong takeover signals to investment banks

One of our most important reports – world leading research that must be digested over 28 crucial pages. Read why life wasn’t meant to be so hard!


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Ever Yours (hardcover)

By C.H. Spence

An Autobiography

Popularly known for her stance on Proportional Representation, Catherine Spence was a pioneer on Land Value Taxation in Australia. As a journalist she wrote some key articles promoting the concept.

The book also includes her private diary, complete with notes on dinners with the George’s in San Francisco.

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Ricardo’s Law (hardcover)

by Fred Harrison

House Prices and the Great Tax Clawback Scam

One of the world’s leading experts on property cycles, Fred Harrison dissects Tony Blair’s failure to reform the welfare state and enhance opportunity for all. Mr Harrison uses a balance between practical examples and classical theory to deliver his message on policy solutions for the future.

Very readable. Bryan Kavanagh, from the LVRG, states this is Harrison’s best book yet.

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Capitalism 3.0 (hardcover)

by Peter Barnes

A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons

George Lakoff (author of ‘Dont Think of an Elephant’) says “Peter Barnes version of capitalism can save the planet, redress many equities of wealth, and reclaim the commons – our air, our water, our airwaves, and more. Here is capitalism as you’ve never seen it before. Take a look!”

A top introduction to our concepts.

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Social Problems (hardcover)

Many see this as the best introductory text on George’s writings. An exposition in simple language of the problems that face society and the solution. The passion of George’s quest for social justice shines through.

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The Science of Political Economy (hardcover)

Regarded by many as Henry George’s greatest work. More detailed and technical than Progress and Poverty.

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Protection or Free Trade (hardcover)

Does tariff “protection” really help the people or is it a hoax that accrues profits to vested interests?

Written in beautiful prose and in many places quite humorous.

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Elementary Economics

by George Charles

An excellent primer in economics written in plain English.

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Towards a New Society

by Sir Allen Fairhall

If you would like to learn everything you need to know about tax reform in only 3 hours buy this book! Sir Allen, who was a Cabinet Minister during the time of Sir Robert Menzies, explains how poverty and unemployment could be cured by the replacement of all other taxation with the ‘Single Tax’ on land values.

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by Philip Day

Is land a valuable community resource or merely another commodity for speculation? The elusive quest for social justice, taxation reform and a sustainable planetary environment.

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Lie of the Land

by Duncan Pickard

A Study in the Culture of Deception

The culture of deception that underpins the economics of agriculture is revealed in this hard hitting expose. The usual suspects see lobbyists, big agriculture and tax dodgers threatening family farms. Duncan gives us an insight to such fears and then proposes an answer.

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