The Traumatised Society

by Fred Harrison

How to Outlaw Cheating and Save our Civilisation

After correctly forecasting the timing of the global financial crisis, Fred Harrison now extends that same analysis to the future of the West - His alarming conclusion is that we are at a very dangerous tipping point! Attributing the present crisis to a social process of cheating, he develops a synthesis of the social and natural sciences to show how the market system can be reformed… it might not be too late to prevent the looming catastrophe!

From the book: “As a life support system, urbanisation on the scale that required massive investment in infrastructure was fatally flawed. My general theory of cheating accounts for the tragedy that is embedded in civilisation. It explains all of the dysfunctional forms of behaviour which combine into crises on a scale that leads to collapse of the system. Cheating on a socially significant scale corrodes the structural foundations of civilisation. The kind of cheating with which we are concerned exercises the power to block the feedback mechanisms (such as moral codes) that would otherwise deliver stability.” (page 34)

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