You should keep more of your hard-earned income

We are committed to liberating hard-working Australians from burdensome income and business taxes, which discourage economic productivity and innovation. Instead, we should be taxing land and other natural monopolies, creating an efficient system that enablesĀ society to deal with issues at their source. These ideas flow from 19th Century economic philosopher Henry George – find out more about our history and how you can join our campaigns!

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Income tax is inefficient

Much of our economy relies on inefficient revenue raising, we have a better way

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Why Land?

Our land is a finite and essential resource. It needs to be treated differently to other assets in our marketplace.

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Prosper in the Media

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No more stamp duty?

Our policies would shift away from stamp duty fees and towards a fairer system of land taxes

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Improving Transport

A well planned public transit system brings a city closer to itself. We can make it work for everyone.

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Our Vision

Find out more about what we at Prosper believe in, and why

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Who Was Henry George?

Our vision & mission come from 19th Century economic philosopher Henry George.

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We could use our tax system to better help our environment, supporting biodiversity and the transition away from fossil fuels

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Articles from our team

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