Our policies can reduce inequality & help the environment

Here at Prosper Australia we are fighting for a future where land owners pay their fair share. Taxes on land and other natural monopolies (such as fossil fuels, carbon and water) can reduce inequality and share valuable public assets with the whole community. Will you join us?
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Why land?

Our land is a finite and essential resource we all need to thrive. It needs to be treated differently to other assets in our marketplace.

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Indigenous Land Rights

Australia is a colonised state, so when we talk about land we have to acknowledge the traditional inhabitants

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Prosper in the Media

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Helen Keller

Protecting our Environment

We could use our tax system to better help our environment, support biodiversity, land management & transition away from fossil fuels

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Improving Transport

A well planned public transit system brings a city closer to itself. We can make it work for everyone.
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Our Vision

Find out more about what we believe in and why
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Affordable Housing

Most housing subsidies increase landlord and developer profits rather than reducing housing costs for residents. We have real solutions.

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Rezoning Windfall Gains Tax

New legislation in Victoria will stop landholders walking away with huge windfall profits from rezoning

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Articles from Our Team

Read what the team at Prosper think about current economic events and our ongoing campaigns