Waleed Aly Wins E.J. Craigie Writing Award for best article reflecting the ideas of Henry George as a social and economic reformer.

Prosper Australia is thrilled to declare Waleed Aly as the recipient of the E.J. Craigie Writing Award for 2023 for his article “In Australia, why do people who produce nothing get rewarded the most?” published in The Age, August 25, 2023.

In 2014 Prosper created the E.J. Craigie Writing Award, to join Australia’s economic debate, advocate reform, and contest poor policy. We present a trophy annually for the best Georgist article in the past year. Past winners have included: Jessica Irvine, Tim Sneesby, and Adam Creighton. E.J. ‘Jack’ Craigie was the independent member for Flinders in the South Australian Parliament from 1930 to 1941 and a staunch advocate of the ideas of Henry George. 

Prosper Australia President Catherine Cashmore said “Waleed Aly was presented this year’s award for the articulate way in which he distilled issues of intergenerational equity with the need for tax reform, with a particular focus on economic rent. The panel noted that Mr Aly’s article was successful in explaining technical economic concepts in accessible and relatable language.”

Waleed Aly, an accomplished journalist, broadcaster, and academic, embodies the spirit of the EJ Craigie Award through his outstanding work across multiple media platforms. His insightful analysis and incisive commentary have made a profound impact on public discourse, prompting essential discussions on topics ranging from social justice to politics and culture. Aly’s ability to refine complex issues as accessible and thought-provoking narratives has elevated him to a prominent position in the field of journalism.

The EJ Craigie Award 2023 was presented at the 123rd Annual Henry George Commemorative Dinner. The Key Note Address was presented by Ross Garnaut AM, titled “Henry George in 21st Century Australia”

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