Date: Tuesday July 26th, 6pm
Where: Zoom or Level 1, 64 Harcourt St, North Melbourne

How do developers feed supply to the market and under what conditions?

Karl Fitzgerald will present the findings of a landmark new report – Staged Releases: Peering Behind the Land Supply Curtain, shining a mirror on what happens once developers get their rezoning.

Since 2001, 26,000 real estate sales were analysed in nine master planned communities along the eastern seaboard.

The findings are significant, with particular issues raised over the lack of oversight by government.

This is despite thousands of press releases virtually guaranteeing that supply will save the day.

Instead, the result has been thousands in higher mortgage costs and literally billions taken from the communities of innocent home buyers who were lured into buying under the premise that supply is the key to their dreams.

The report has been 10 years in the making, since the filming of Real Estate 4 Ransom, when it was recognised that the way sites are drip fed to the market must have a bearing on prices. Now its time to reveal the data.

This will be Karl’s final report for Prosper after 18 years. We hope you can attend to soak up the latest frontier of Prosper’s innovative research agenda.

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