Tues Nov 30, 1pm – 1.45pm. Zoom

Come and celebrate with the Prosper team following last week’s passing of the Windfall Gains Tax in Victoria. 

Join Emily, Jesse and Karl for a discussion on the tax design process, political manoeuvring, competing with an industry scare campaign and what might happen going forward. What concessions were made, and why? Who will the tax affect and what will be the outcome? Is the campaign over or is there more to do?

We loved what cross-bencher Fiona Patten said during the debate: “It is about sharing that sometimes absolute motza that people can make from a planning decision. This can be a win for the developers. I mean, the developers are the ones who actually do the hard work… Those that are possibly just speculating on the land, the cowboy rent seekers, now will not be able to take all the cream and  leave the site with very little money… rather than profits going to  overseas companies, property share portfolios, those funds will be reinvested into roads, plumbing and the environment.”

Find out more about the tax here.