This event was held on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, over Zoom.

We all want to know “what’s next?” after the pandemic.

The right to a roof over our head (and some land upon which to stand) has been especially highlighted by this global crisis.

Who better to make sense of it all than renowned UK author and commentator Fred Harrison? We are thrilled that Harrison will present our 130th Annual Commemorative Henry George Address.

His exclusive presentation, 2026: A Civilisation Deadline, will highlight the conditions luring us towards another ‘Roaring 20s” and the crash that must follow. Do we have the resilience to cope with the demographic, financial, and environmental crises about to hit?

“We continue to privatise the essence of our humanity. Those of us who claim to own land and therefore claim the rents that are produced in our societies are actually enacting the role of slavery. We are appropriating other people’s humanity.” (Fred Harrison, interviewed on Renegade Economist, Jan 2021)

Harrison is the author of 20 books, including The Power in the Land, The Corruption of Economics, and Ricardo’s Law. In his most recent work, We Are Rent, he says: “Early humans gravitated out of nature when they learnt how to create that flow of energy, and to pool it for the common good. They invested that unique flow of resources in their bodies, minds, and communities.”