In its latest budget, the NSW Government has laid the foundation for a global best-practice model for major transport funding.

Zoom Webinar: Wednesday, July 28th 12:30pm

While Victorian’s woke up on budget day to a surprise rezoning windfall gains tax, the NSW Government has been quietly swimming in the same direction. 

The NSW approach places funding considerations at the apex of transport projects and precinct planning, including capturing the uplifts from rezoning.

Furthermore, the Berejiklian Government is thinking ahead to what this transit funding transformation could deliver. They will go it alone in building a modern, fast rail network across NSW instead of waiting for the Australian or other state governments to get on board.

Join us for a special presentation by Joe Langley, managing director of Harbinger Partners.

Joe provides specialist advice on the planning and delivery of major transport projects in NSW. Read his article on the NSW funding model here. 



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