Prosper’s latest report scrutinises the rezoning windfalls at Fishermans Bend.

Tuesday, 29 June 12:30pm

Online event. Register for zoom link

Join report authors Emily Sims and Jesse Hermans, with special guest Cameron Murray.

Most of us feel that it is intuitively fair to reward enterprise and effort. 

We rush to work to pay taxes so that infrastructure and services can deliver the standards of living we expect. 

Yet, we also giveaway a fortune in development rights through rezoning to lucky landowners. The Planning Minister’s pen tick can be worth millions of dollars.

In 2012, the former Victorian Planning Minister rezoned the largest urban renewal site in Australia without public notice having done none of the necessary strategic planning. Our new report scrutinises the rezoning windfalls at Fishermans Bend.

We show how planning decisions create a “honey pot” that attracts unwanted interests to corrupt our planning system for personal gain.

If we remove the honey pot, we can all share in the value created by planning decisions. These windfalls should fund most of our infrastructure, not the sweat from our brow. Find out how a rezoning windfall gains tax can get the job done.


Emily Sims