After eight years, the ACT’s bold experiment in tax reform is paying dividends. Can other states emulate the ACT’s success?

What: Zoom panel discussion with Q&A
When: 12:30—1:30PM Tuesday Nov 10th

Join our expert panel of tax boffins as we explore the options and opportunities, and launch The Second Interval: Evaluating the ACT’s 20 Year Land Value Taxation transition after 8 years by Warwick Smith & Jesse Hermans.

Warwick Smith is an economist, biologist and cofounder of the Castlemaine Institute. He has previously worked with Per Capita and is an honorary fellow at Melbourne University. 



Professor John Freebairn holds the Ritchie chair in economics at the University of Melbourne and is a superstar of Australian tax policy. He recently served on the panel of NSW’s Federal Financial Relations Review.



Dr Tim Helm is a sharp shooting, freelance economist. He has worked with Grattan, EY and the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance. He is the author of Prosper’s Designing the Transition report.