When the economy stops, we get a glimpse of how the market really works, and for who. 

What: Casual chat in the lunch hour to discuss the economy we’re living in.
When: 12:30—1:15PM April 15

The position of those with extreme market power, of monopoly interests, has risen sharply to the fore. From banking bailouts to terse enforcements of rental agreements, the public interest must be recognised by our (suddenly) big-government. The neoliberal hollowing out of the economy has made life on earth riskier from the perspective of climate, economy & health.

With everything moving so rapidly, we want to unpack with you the issues in macro policy, housing and yield curve targeting. How could our tax system better prevent systemic risk? 

Join hosts Karl Fitzgerald (Director of Research and 3CR’s Renegade Economist) and Policy Director Jesse Herman for a roundtable discussion. 

We want to hear the issues you have spotted on your radar.  

This will be our first online webinar via Zoom, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it goes! RSVP and we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to join.