The 127th Annual Dinner

Tues September 4th
Presenter:Dr Cameron Murray
Venue: Brunswick Mess Hall

Everyone needs somewhere to live. It is a simple fact.

Australia’s economy keeps growing every year. As a nation, we are richer than any other time in our history.

We also have the most expensive housing in the world.

We step over rough sleepers on our commute.

We talk about property investment over dinner.

We care about housing affordability. We care more about housing affordability than we care about national security or public schools.

Our leaders tell us they’re trying. Housing affordability is in every ten point plan. Housing affordability is in the preamble.

Yet, the obvious solutions don’t materialise in policy.

Join us as we dissect the contradictions of Australian housing policy with Dr Cameron Murray, economist and co-author of last year’s breakout book, The Game of Mates.

Tickets: $40 Members, $60 non-members

Dress: Smart casual. Dinner from 6.45pm.


  1. Joseph Walker20-08-2018

    Hi is there any way to watch the speech for free?

  2. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald21-08-2018

    There will be recordings of the speech, perhaps not the juicy Q & A! Subscribe to the Renegade Economists podcast.

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