Housing supply fails – Speculative Vacancies instead


A collection of the week’s radio interviews regarding our 8th report into Speculative Vacancies:

With Catherine Cashmore on our favourite weekly show, the Renegade Economists:

Vacancies Up, House Prices Up by Renegade Economists on Mixcloud

Tony Biggs interviews Karl Fitzgerald on the popular On the Blower (RRR). Great discussion!

Speculative Tricks of the Trade by Renegade Economists on Mixcloud

A quick spot on Jon Faine’s morning ABC show (with Ali Moore). Swallowed a fly? Just like First Home Buyers taking out a record $355,000 on average. How much from the bank of mum and dad? How much further till anyone says anything?

Housing supply fails to deliver – Speculative vacancies instead by Renegade Economists on Mixcloud

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  1. Catch 2224-11-2016

    I suspect a number of vacant houses are derelict and not suitable to be rented out.The cost of building in Australia is not being covered by our insurance policies.

    I am caught in a catch 22 because I have a derelict house I could cannot afford to fix or repair because insurance did not cover the cost of rebuilding and because tradies cost so much and I am struggling to borrow enough to rebuild in addition to my own rent for where we live because my wife got pregnant and sick and I have had to reduce hours at work to look after her. I have budgeted we can borrow more to rebuild after 5 years when my wife is back at work and the baby is at school.

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