Announcing the inaugural award for the best Georgist writing

The EJ Craigie award

The 124th Annual Henry George Commemorative dinner saw the EJ Craigie award for best Georgist writing given to Matt Ellis for his arresting piece on The housing crash we had to have: A Gen Y perspective on the bubble.

Matt Ellis has been an outstanding writer over the year with a number of eye catching posts on his Rational Radical blog. He also ran an effective campaign on Nick Xenophon to curb his support of superannuation deposits for FHOs. Say hi to Matt on twitter.

The Prosper Australia executive vote went right down to the wire with second preferences required in a narrow victory for Matt over Gavin Putland.

Last year's winner Catherine Cashmore hands over the EJ

Last year’s winner Catherine Cashmore hands over the EJ

The four nominees were:

We are blessed to have such talent working to raise economic literacy towards an understanding of the damage rent seekers cause.