Thursday, May 21, 6.30 – 8pm
LSX, 285 Lennox Street, Richmond

The launch of the Prosper Australia Research Institute (PARI) is nearly here! Science can elaborately finance research into the God Particle, we can boast about new advances in Quantum Computing, but when it comes to shining a bright light on the economic advantages handed to those with legal privilege over the earth and its natural monopolies, the money is scarce.

The launch of PARI as a tax deductible gift recipient is a major step towards seeing the necessary research come to life. Tax deductible donations will give us the additional funding needed to compete with the aggressive rent seeking we see undermining our freedoms every day.

One day we will have the capability to model the economic effects of financing government from economic rents and the benefits this will have on affordability, wages, small business and deadweight costs.

The night will provide a rare window into Prosper’s operational agenda. Prosper Australia President Andy Moore will explain how PARI fits into the Prosper machine and outline strategic plans. PARI Executive Director Karl Fitzgerald will then explain planned fundraising strategies, how current fundraising has already enabled research to be undertaken and outline intentions for the future.

It’s our first event at the Lennox Street Exchange (LSX) and we are looking forward to warmly welcoming members and supporters into our new home. The event is free, but donations are certainly encouraged! Watch out for a surprise reveal on the night. Please RSVP to assist the catering of drinks and nibbles. Enter via the red door on Gipps St.