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Wednesday November 12th, 6.30pm
Presenter: Catherine Cashmore
2/22 Punch La, Melbourne

The 7th Speculative Vacancies report advocates for empty property held for capital gains to be included in Australia’s housing vacancy measures.

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With the capital gains in the land game regularly tripling the yearly rental incomes available, there is less and less motivation for investors to risk their kitchen cupboards on a ‘reckless renter’.

Our innovative vacancy measure, using water consumption as a proxy for unoccupied housing, covers 94% of Melbourne’s housing. In this investor-dominated market, simply quantifying ‘housing for rent’ does not give a complete account of total vacancies. Our vacancy rate typically triples the vacancy findings the mainstream media quotes.

Catherine Cashmore, the winner of the EJ Craigie writing award, will inject her unique investigative manner into this year’s report.

The final vacancy numbers are again shaping up to reveal a jaw-dropping number of under-utilised properties in this era of the Housing Supply Crisis.

We believe land usage is the genuine cause to affordability pressures and this report is a giant finger pointing at what is regularly ignored. Invite your friends feeling the housing stress to join us for an explosive evening!

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