Fri Aug 2nd, 6.30 – 9.30pm
2/22 Punch La, Melbourne

Housing advocates, renters, gamers and friends, join us for a night of winter jousting! If you are intrigued about the world's most popular boardgame – Monopoly – and how it started as the Landlord's Game, come and join an evening of Anti-Monopoly (similar to the Landlord's Game). 

In the process you will learn how the whole housing market could be utilised for housing (rather than hoarding).

Our last boardgame night was full of conniving as we played our way through many a glass of red. Who should own monopolies? Why should the lucky dice-roller win?

We will have two boardgames playing Anti-Monoply and another playing Settlers of Catan – one of many new games that either questions or conditions players into perceiving resource hoarding as a vehicle for wealth creation. We are looking to purchase a fourth game along these lines (there are many!) – do you have any boardgame suggestions for the night?

RSVP for an intimate night of fun and games.
Gold coin donations encouraged to assist with light refreshments.