Land Rent = Job Creation

A nifty clip from our South African colleagues Karen Cooper and Peter Meakin.

Of note is their useful method comparing 300Rd p/m in land rent to the 60,000Rd we currently pay to banksters.


  1. Steven Shaw19-05-2012

    “a choice not to be employed by others”? I wonder how a subsistence farmer in South Africa would pay his land tax?

  2. Karl Fitzgerald21-05-2012

    Fair call Steve – tho the subsistence farmer would probably live in a remote area where the land values are low and thus their payments would be minimal.

    Pls note we are calling for a change of culture in the way we relate to land and housing. Not all will win as people will have to change their behaviour. By far the biggest change will come from those at the top of the tree sitting on valuable South African land.

    Some subsistence farmers living in central locations would probably be enticed into the market system where the ease of business (low taxation & paperwork) would inspire them to follow their life’s dream. For this they move into a more appropriate location.

    If not, they can move to a less valuable location.

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