Pop the Housing Bubble Party

Tues May 10th, 7 -9pm
Celebrating lower housing prices.

Champagne and caviar for Home Buyers on Strike

The bubble has popped so the champagne must be topped! Join us to celebrate falling house prices and the opportunity this offers generations of everyday people.

A satirical seminar on the state of un-real estate featuring David Collyer, Renegade Economist Karl Fitzgerald & a cast of many. It is time to present the spruiker-free facts of what is going on in housing.

Open mic for campaign ideas – how do we build the pressure on negative gearing? What do we need to make housing affordable for all generations?

The Order of Melbourne, Lvl 2, 401 Swanston St.
RSVP pls to assist with champagne & caviar orders.

Stop the Speculator welfare!


  1. davinci703-05-2011

    This party sounds like a brilliant idea. Any chance of organizing one here in Sydney? We’d offer our place but we’re too far from the CBD.

  2. Rahm04-05-2011

    Good on you guys at Melbourne. We are in Sydney and hopefully someday we will have a similar event here. For too long in this country, property speculation has become bigger religion than religious fundamentalism in middle-east.

  3. Steven Shaw07-05-2011

    This thing is already bust. A campaign against NG is misplaced. What about all those families who own a second home – possibly underwritten by their first – is it fair to remove NG which is the only way they can afford to make their payments? I had thought that NG merely allows one to offset losses in one endeavour (rental property) against profits in another (usually income-producing job). That’s seems fair enough to me. I do understand that this is causing dislocations in the market and people’s incentives though. However, the root cause lies in the general direction of home lending.

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