Property: Bigger Boom Coming

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Thurs March 3rd
6.30 – 8.30pm

Presenter: Phil Anderson
1/27 Hardware Lane, Melb
Phil’s last talk before heading to the northern hemisphere.

The biggest boom is still ahead of us.

Phil Anderson will outline the history of the American 18-year real estate cycle, and why this is so important to Australian property and stock market investors. He will detail what to look for as the cycle moves, related in particular to the local markets. He will profile what can be expected for markets in 2011 and beyond, including a brief look at how this fits with the next upside of the 5th Kondratieff commodity price wave. The session will also look at W.D.Gann’s research into the 18.6 year cycle which Gann wrote about publicly for the first time in 1909.

Attendees, especially those who study history, will find the presentation exceedingly useful in the current (supposedly) uncertain investment environment.

Phil Anderson, author of The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking, is Managing Director of Economic Indicator Services (EIS), an economic forecasting service operating out of London and Melbourne. EIS is an authority in the area of business, real estate and commodity cycles. Subscribers to the service are educated to the movements of these cycles in the economy, none more important than the real estate cycle. Phil is also himself an active trader and investor.

RSVP essential – places are limited
$5 members, $10 p/h on the door.

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  1. Paul Meleng21-02-2011

    Wish I was in Melbourne. I own Phil’s book and appreciate the detailed work therein. It also fits with my observations as a land surveyor, come real estate person and finally financial adviser.

    I think Phil may be on to something with regard to the long trend to urbanisation or even improved vlllages and services in the massive populations of “the east”. Australia and America did it, from tent and humpy to the air conditioned 4 by 2, sealed roads, sewerage, ports and railway lines, schools, hospitals and all. Done well or badly, sustainably or wastefully, fairly or unfairly, with the wrong tax, with bottlenecks and government waste, through boom, big bubble and regular dramatic bust we may be witness to the biggest and longest joining of steel and concrete ever seen, for decades.

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